Empanada Half Moon BAKED

€ 2,95

*Beef empanada: ingredients: organic beef, onion, olive, raisin and spices

[allergens: gluten-containing grains, soy, wheat, sulfite, lupine]

* Vegetarian minced meat filling: recipe as meat filling, but with vegetarian mincemeat!

*Vegetarian Spinach: ingredients: spinach, lentils, feta, couscous, spices

[allergens: milk, cow's milk protein, lactose, celery, gluten-containing grains, sulfite, lupine; possibly traces of nuts, peanut, mustard, sesame and soy]


*Ham/cheese: white cheese, mozzarella, milk, milk powder, potato starch, olive oil, ham


The empanadas are delivered baked. Warm up if necessary; 5 minutes at 160ºC in the oven or airfryer. This is an estimated time!